The Issues

Bail Reform

Failed Democrat policies seems to be a theme these days, smart, Republican solutions is the way forward.

As Assemblyman Sean Lally will work to modify bail reform in such a way that Judges will once again be empowered to decide the fate of repeat offenders. They will be empowered to

Injection Based Caste System

For too long politicians have abused their positions of authority. This must cease. An example of this abuse is coerced vaccinations. Once elected, Sean will co-sponsor a bill, A7042, which restores liability for injuries caused by mandatory immunizations.

Remove Fluoride from the Water

Riker's Island

Sean is intent on improving the quality of jails. This begins with the rethinking of the jails themselves. Sean proposes to rebuild Riker's Island with less oppressive housing to provide a more uplifting environment for the jailed population. Sean also believes this would alter the present toxic dynamic between prisoner and guard.

Pharmaceutical Advertising

Amercia is under seige and greedy corporations are flooding the streets with habit forming drugs. The current level of addiction exists because lawmakers, while taking their money, have been far too lenient with big pharma.

If we want to take real, tangible steps to end this epidemic we must bar government funds from being used to promote known dangerous substances. Such media manipulation has stolen too many lives. Corrective action must be taken, as by the time such legislation becomes law, many more of our friends and family will have needlessly fallen victim.

Sean will draft legislation to restrict pharmaceutical advertising in an effort to curtail Big Pharma's influence while respecting their right to produce such products in a free and open market.

More Transparency for Hospital Expenses

No one should be presented with an unaffordable bill for a hospital visit. Sean proposes a web based resource where one can look up a hospital's finances. This would provide New Yorkers with a more competitive market, thereby reducing the cost of a visit to the hospital.

Increased Penalty for a Forged COVID Death Certificate

Sean is concerned with the falsity of medical records. As it stands someone can walk into a hospital with a papercut and end up on a ventilator. This is medical malpractice happening at a scale never before seen in history. Increasing the penalty for such malpractice will cause doctors to think twice before possibly injuring a completely healthy individual.

Hold Bill DeBlasio and his wife Chirlane McCray Accountable

These crooks held New Yorkers hostage for eight years, it's about time we held them accountable. They are not above the law.